Comfort at your fingertips

Trust your comfort with connected installation. Owing to Valena Life with NETATMO solutions, you live comfortably and control your home automation with an intuitive app on your smartphone. The flexibility of the system allows for easy expansion with additional components that will further enhance the convenience of your smart home.

System components

We know that convenience is never enough, which is why Legrand’s wireless home automation solutions combine easy installation with the flexibility to add new elements.
The sets are supplied with plates in white, titanium or tungsten.

Starter set

The automation of your smart home starts with the mandatory selection of the Control socket. The socket is easy to install, aesthetically pleasing and available in three colours. It provides local or remote control, via smartphone app or voice assistant. It supports the expansion of Valena Life with NETATMO with further elements.

Installation do expansion kit

You can enhance your home with additional functions at any time. Ease of installation allows for hassle-free connection to cabling or simple replacement of components. Legrand solutions are fully scalable and allow functionality to be increased by adding elements from a wide range of additional functions.

Hard-wired components

Hard-wired connected elements ensure easy connection to existing wiring without the need to replace the installation. They all communicate via the internet, guaranteeing convenient and fast control with a smartphone app.

Wireless switches

Enhance your comfort with wireless switches that allow you to control all the functions of your home from the place you need them most! Legrand’s wireless home automation system components give you the flexibility to install them anywhere in your home without having to run cables.


Connected light switch with dimming option

‘I choose the lighting to suit the mood.’

With its dimming option, the connected light switch allows local or remote control of lighting with a single button or in an app. The switch is compatible with all types of lighting, including LED, from 5 to 300W. The backlight function can be activated.

Connected lighting micromodule

‘All sources of light within my reach.’

The lighting micromodule is easy to install and is compatible with all types of lighting and fits inside a lamp or wall light. All you need to do is to connect it to a wireless control system and it becomes a wireless lighting control point,

The micromodule can be controlled in parallel with a traditional push button.

Connected roller shutter switch

‘With one gesture, I open or close the external roller shutters.’

Control in your hands at any time of a day. The roller shutter switch allows you to control any external roller shutter fitted with mechanical or electrical end stop.

Connected socket

‘I constantly monitor energy consumption.’

Monitor electricity consumption on a regular basis. The 16 A connected socket gives you control over your current and accumulated energy consumption levels and enables you to remotely control your electrical appliances and white goods. The app will inform you if any anomalies occur.

The connected socket has the option of signalling that the socket is switched on.


Wireless Leave/Return switch

‘My house is always ready for my return.’

Smart solutions memorise your preferences. You can easily run pre-saved scenarios. E.g. The ‘Return’ scenario will prepare the house for your arrival.

The system can be extended with additional Leave/Return switches.

Wireless Day/Night switch

‘When I go to bed I can switch the house to sleep with one gesture’.

Wireless control with Day/Night mode selection allows you to programme your own scenarios. Let the house switch off the lights for you in the evening and raise all the blinds just as easily in the morning with one gesture.

Multiple Day/Night switches can be added.

Lighting and socket switch

‘I have access to lighting control wherever I need it.’

With wireless lighting control, you can easily add another control point without forging walls or wiring. This easy to install switch enables you to control lighting (also in staircase mode) and to control connected sockets.

It is possible to add multiple wireless switches to the system with the possibility of installing them anywhere, e.g. on a counter top. One switch can manage multiple lighting points simultaneously; similarly, multiple wireless switches can control a single lighting point.

Roller shutter switch

‘A push button for controlling roller shutters by the bed.’

Raise and lower your external roller shutters more conveniently than ever. The roller shutter switch is easy to install and move, and gives you the option of controlling it from any central point in your home.

The switch enables grouping of roller blinds.