Electrical accessories

Valena Allure

Valena Allure is a very good quality finishing touch of an elegant and refined shape. The series is characterised by innovative backlighting and the possibility to install the mechanism in the first step, and then purchasing the plates and push buttons in the second. Possibility of postponing the decision on the colour of the plate and frame. Valena Allure provides a choice of 23 plates colours and 5 plate/push button colours to suit individual room arrangements.

Valena Life introduces new style and innovative solutions. This series of classic shapes has some interesting details that create its unique design. The special design of the plates creates an optical effect of lightness, while the slightly concave button surface ensures comfortable switching. Valena Life offers a choice of 16 plates colours and 3 plate/push button colours, allowing you to match its elements to individual room arrangements.


The Celiane series is characterised by modern design obtained by combining universal rectangular and circular shapes. There are approx. 100 mechanisms with which more than 250 different comfort, safety and communication functions can be implemented.

There are 44 plates in our offer, made of both traditional and very unique materials such as, among others, leather, metal, wood, glass and mineral.

Niloe Step

Niloe Step is designed to enhance the aesthetics of an interior. The finishing touch is characterised by enduring appeal of black and the classic line of the square. Switches and sockets are available in white, black, aluminium and steel.

The series offers possibility to choose your own composition from 10 plates colours and 4 mechanism colours, which makes it possible to match its elements to individual room arrangements.

Wireless home automation

Wireless control of home functions brings you comfort and prestige of usage. Wireless home automation allows you to control lighting, roller shutters and heating throughout your home without wiring or cumbersome installation. Flexible control adapts to your needs: all you need is a convenient button fitted anywhere in your home, or a smartphone app that also provides access to remote control and definable leave/return scenarios.