Each of us wants to guarantee our loved ones living in a healthy, safe and comfortable environment. Legrand Netatmo products will let you ensure it! Smart protection for your home will give you real peace of mind. With the mobile app, you can see what is happening in your home at any time and from anywhere in the world. You gain the most valuable thing: peace of mind and safety for you and your loved ones. Smart sensor-based solutions are perfect for your home to ensure healthier indoor climate and increase comfort for you and your family. Netatmo PRO products are characterised by an extended four-year warranty combined with the possibility of their start-up by an experienced installer.

Safe house

Smart Home Camera

‘Every time someone enters my house, I get a notification on my smartphone.’

The only Smart Home Camera that can recognise faces and provides access to all the functions without additional subscription fees. It identifies faces of household members, so it only records unrecognised people. It also records images at night, in infrared.

Smart outdoor camera

‘I can control the situation in front of the house and in the garden, so I feel at peace.’

The only web-controlled camera with extensive functionalities: it identifies characters, animals and cars. It records in the dark and can be used as lighting. Access to all functions without subscription fees.

Home Alarm

‘I receive notifications of every alarm.’

Your home will be protected by connected cameras, an alarm siren and opening sensors. Thanks to householder identification, you do not need any code to disarm the alarm.

Smoke detectors

‘I don’t need to worry about a fire breaking out in my house.’

When a fire is detected, it immediately sends an alert directly to your smartphone. This allows you to react even when you are away from home. In addition, it constantly monitors battery status, checks the performance of the smoke detection mechanism and checks Wi-Fi connectivity.

Door and window sensors

‘In the event of break-in attempt, I gain valuable time!’

They will inform you before a break-in occurs. Placed on any door or window, they detect any movement or trembling, signalling that someone wants to force the lock. They also detect sudden opening of a door or window. In such a case you receive an immediate notification on your smartphone.

Smart Video Doorbell

‘I can ask the courier to leave a parcel or greet guests even though I am still in the kitchen preparing dinner for them.’

By replacing the traditional doorbell button with a Smart Doorbell with Camera, in addition to activating the traditional doorbell, it is possible to constantly view the people within the camera range on the smartphone, check who is ringing the doorbell and speak to them from anywhere in the world.

Comfort at home

Smart Thermostat and Valves

‘I adjust heating to my rhythm of the day.’

The heating is controlled in a traditional and at the same time remote way by means of a central thermostat or an app on a smartphone. The current user settings take precedence over the weekly schedule defined by the user in the previous step.

Smart Modulating

‘”Convenience and energy saving every day”

A smart modulating thermostat is the part of the control system that adjusts the heating time and temperature to your lifestyle. Get the right temperature at the right time with OpenTherm modulation and auto-adapt function that takes into account the weather and heating characteristics of your home.