Full security system: smart camera and alarm

When the Smart Camera detects the face of an intruder in your absence, the Alarm will immediately activate a loud acoustic signal of 110 dB to deter the intruder.

The Netatmo Smart Camera uses face recognition and presence detection and activates the Smart Alarm only in the event of an intrusion: it does not trigger false alarms caused by a family member, pet or harmless movement within the camera range.

Notification directly to your smartphone

In the event of a break-in, you’ll also receive a real-time notification on your smartphone, along with the footage of the intruder captured by the Smart Home Camera.

A security system that adapts to your daily routine

Unlike other alarm systems, the Netatmo Security System automatically activates and deactivates when you leave or return home. There is no need to enter deactivation code in a hurry.

Easy, wireless installation

Installing an Smart Alarm in your house or flat is extremely simple. You simply set the wireless device on a piece of furniture or attach it to a wall or ceiling, then quickly set it up using the mobile app. The alarm can be connected to a power source with a cable or work on batteries.

Recorded sounds simulating the presence of household members

It is worth taking every precaution to foil any break-in attempt. Besides the 110 decibel siren, Netatmo Smart Home Alarm offers a selection of noises that can be heard in the home including barking, screaming children or the hum of the hoover.

Additional security layer

Combine a Home Alarm with a Netatmo Smart Home Camera for a complete security system to protect your home. The alarm works only with the separately sold Home Camera.

Detection of attempted device deactivation (Function available soon)

The alarm also has a motion sensor that triggers it and immediately sends a notification to your smartphone when someone tries to deactivate it.

Alarm triggered on demand

The alarm can also be manually triggered with a single button on the smartphone. In the event of an emergency, you can trigger a loud burglar alarm.

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