Smart Home Camera

The only Smart Home Camera that can recognise faces and provides access to all the functions without additional subscription fees.

Notification of children's return home

Using innovative facial recognition technology, the camera can identify your children as they pass in front of its lens and then notify you via smartphone.

You can always keep an eye on elderly parents

You no longer have to worry about whether elderly family members have arrived home safely. Using special facial recognition technology, the Smart Home Camera sends alerts when your loved ones come home. Live viewing of the camera image is also available.

You know where your pets are

Everybody wonders from time to time what do pets do when we are not at home? The Smart Camera has a pet detection function. Unlike other competing cameras that only send notifications of recorded movement, our camera can recognise when an animal walks in front of the lens and sends a photo and video recording of the animal in real time. This function can be turned off if you do not want to receive notifications regarding your pet.

Securing a holiday home is
not a problem

Someone enters your holiday home – is it a cleaner or a burglar? Using the camera with facial recognition technology, you’ll know who’s inside. You will receive a notification on your smartphone along with a photo of a face and a video showing the detected person.

Notification of intruders immediately on your smartphone

Unlike typical motion detectors that require time-consuming viewing of recorded footage, Smart Home Camera immediately alerts you when an intruder is detected in your home. It supplements the notification with a photo of intruder’s face.

Easy to install in just a few minutes

Installing the Smart Home Camera is easy: mount it in your home, point it at the entrance, connect it to the power supply and download the app, then pinpoint your loved ones with a single click. That’s all!

It sends a notification when it hears an alarm.

When the camera hears a smoke, carbon monoxide or security breach alarm or siren, it sends a notification and starts to record a video.

Protect the privacy of your loved ones by disabling any recording of their image

Unlike other surveillance cameras recording everything and everyone, much like in Big Brother, Smart Home Camera protects both your home and your family’s privacy.

With the option to turn off recording and notifications when familiar faces are detected, your loved ones can enjoy privacy knowing they are not being watched or recorded.

Free and flexible video storage options

Local recording of videos on the supplied microSD card.

Video recordings can be automatically saved to your personal Dropbox cloud.

They can also be automatically uploaded to an FTP server of your choice.

Always. Everywhere. On any device

A distinctive camera with a simple design

Wide 130° field of view

With such a broad perspective, you won’t miss a thing.

Superb quality of Full HD recordings

Full HD 1080p resolution results in perfect image quality, so you can clearly see what’s going on in your home.

Excellent night-time visibility

Day and night protection with an infrared sensor allowing to record clear video footage even in complete darkness.

Beautiful anodised aluminium

The Smart Home Camera is distinctive for its original design and simplicity. It matches perfectly with the decor of your home.

Recording only relevant events

The camera starts recording only when something is happening, avoiding irrelevant recording.

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