Your Smart Home

Every day brings many surprises and astonishments. Make your home an oasis of calm where everything is always in its place. Smart Home Legrand Netatmo is intuitive to operate: with a single click, you turn off all the lights and lower roller shutters in your home. You choose the control method that suits you and your preferences. Manage locally or remotely: lying in bed, watching TV in the living room or away on holiday. And all this with care to protect both your and your loved ones’ privacy. Smart Home products from Legrand Netatmo provide comfort and security at the highest level.

Benefits for you and your home

Wireless control

Manage your home functions with the Home + Control app. Enjoy intuitive functionalities and application modules, such as access to programmable user scenarios.


Save more time for your family by reducing electricity expenses and contributing to environmental protection. Check out the smart control of lighting, roller shutters and heating.

Monitoring and control

Access your home appliances from every room with radio-controlled switches. Add new switches whenever you want and manage functions by voice or app, locally or remotely.


Would you like smart installations to memorise your preferences? Use function management scenarios and prepare your home for your return at the touch of a button.


Live luxuriously and increase the value of your property. Invest in modern home appliance management and ensure convenience for years of use.


Feel safe and comfortable away from home. Check out home presence simulation options that control lights and roller shutters in your absence.

Ease of management

Legrand wireless home automation is a voice assistant control. It makes managing home functions easier than ever!

Flexible, convenient access

Manage lighting, roller shutters and other system components from anywhere in your home. Increase convenience with the possibility of integrating with third-party equipment.

Home management

Manage lighting, roller shutters and heating throughout your home without wiring or cumbersome assembly. Flexible monitoring adapts to your needs: all you need is a convenient button fitted anywhere in your home, or a smartphone app that also provides access to remote control and definable scenarios. Monitor power consumption of home appliances using your smartphone. Legrand smart solutions are available in the series: Valena Life with Netatmo, Valena Allure with Netatmo.

Safety and comfort at home

Each of us wants to guarantee our loved ones living in a healthy, safe and comfortable environment. Legrand Netatmo products will let you ensure it! Smart protection for your home will give you real peace of mind. With the mobile app, you can see what is happening in your home at any time and from anywhere in the world. You gain the most valuable thing: peace of mind and safety for you and your loved ones. Smart sensor-based solutions are perfect for your home to ensure healthier indoor climate and increase comfort for you and your family.

Applications and security


The apps are compatible with Apple Homekit and enable control via Apple’s Siri voice assistant, Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


With the app, you can easily control lighting, roller shutters and sockets. The app allows you to add user scenarios and simulate presence in the home.


Respect for the user is at the heart of what Legrand does. That is why we take care to minimise the possibility of misuse of our equipment and the potential danger to the user.