Remote heating control

Control the Netatmo Modulating Thermostat remotely to change the temperature in your home using your smartphone or tablet. If necessary you can use a conventional, manual setting.

Self-adjusting function

The Auto-Adapt function of the Netatmo Modulating Thermostat optimizes heating depending on the weather and thermal insulation of the house. With OpenTherm technology, the Modulating Thermostat changes the temperature of the water in the heating circuit to ensure you have the right temperature at the right time.

Self-maintenance function

An anomaly has been detected in the OpenTherm boiler? Have the batteries in the Thermostat run out? With the Auto-Care function, the Netatmo Modulating Thermostat can notify you with high accuracy of a detected error. You no longer need to call a heating professional to carry out a simple diagnosis!

Domestic hot water control

The Modulating Thermostat regulates the production of domestic hot water according to a special schedule. If your habits change, you can turn the hot water supply on or off and adjust its temperature remotely using your smartphone.

What is OpenTherm?

There are two types of boilers, conventional and modulating.
Unlike a conventional boiler, a modulating boiler is able to regulate the temperature of water in heating circuits, precisely controlling the temperature in the apartment. To do this, he must be able to exchange comprehensive information with his thermostat. “OpenTherm” is a communication protocol that allows the moderation boiler and thermostat to exchange information, thus allowing the control of both heating and domestic hot water.

4 replaceable colored overlays

The appearance of the thermostat can be customized with one of the four colored adhesive caps available in the kit.

Mechanism and appearance

Power saving, longer battery life.

Translucent Plexiglas cube

Choose a timeless, minimalist design.

Manual temperature control

Press the thermostat button to change the temperature settings.

Real-time temperature

View room temperature settings and data in real time.

Set the temperature of any room at any time

Complement your Netatmo Smart Modulated Thermostat with additional Smart Thermostatic Heads and control all radiators.