Smart outdoor camera

Protect your home with the Smart Outdoor Camera and enjoy free video storage with no subscription fees

Real-time warning

Receive real-time alerts via your smartphone if any person or vehicle is detected on your property.

The Outdoor Camera can distinguish between persons, animals, vehicles or insignificant movements.

No more unnecessary warnings

Personalise your notifications to receive only those that you are interested in.

Don’t panic about your dog playing in the garden! Specify precisely when do you want to receive alerts and the areas to be monitored using Alert-Zones function.

Long-lasting and resistant

The Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera is designed to be of service as long as possible! It is UV and weather resistant thanks to the HZO sealing standard.

Light up your way

The camera also features a built-in smart system. In the event of a warning, the lighting switches on and may force the intruder to escape.

It can be switched on manually via the app or programmed to light up when a person, car or animal is detected.

Easy to install

Install your Camera yourself, installation is simple – all you need to do is to replace your existing lighting. Simply place the Camera where the existing lighting is – you only need less than an hour – alternatively choose a more strategic location to monitor your home.

No subscription fee

Local video storage is free and all functions and updates are available without subscription at all times.

Advanced functions to keep you even safer


Your data is 100% protected by storing it on an encrypted microSD card


The video is recorded in high quality – Full HD 1080p


With infrared night vision up to 15 metres, the Smart Outdoor Camera can also record at night.


The Smart Outdoor Camera detects movement up to 20 metres away, allowing you to secure your entire property.


The camera is supplied with a digital zoom x8


The camera allows you to save an optional backup to Dropbox or FTP which protects against data loss.

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