Smart Window and Door Sensors

They recognise attempts to forcibly open doors and windows and will send a notification of any such event to your smartphone.

Take actions before a thief enters your home

Smart Window and Door Sensors will inform you before break-in occurs. Placed on any door or window, they detect any movement or trembling, signalling that someone wants to force the lock.

They also detect sudden opening of a door or window. In such a case, you receive an immediate notification on your smartphone. In the event of a break-in attempt, you gain valuable time!

Monitor the condition of your doors and windows directly in the app

Keep your home under constant control by setting application parameters. Window and Door Sensors can also warn you with your smartphone if any of your doors or windows have been open for too long.

Having left home and feeling insecure? Check directly in the application whether doors and windows equipped with the Sensor are open or closed.

Install Sensors easily

Smart and simple, these are the strengths of Netatmo products. Window and Door Sensors are no exception to this rule! They are single-piece and airtight with easy adhesion to the door or window, regardless of its model.

Their operation requires only one prerequisite: to have a Netatmo Smart Home Camera.

Benefit from a complete Smart Alarm System with Camera

The Netatmo Smart Window and Door Sensors, Smart Home Camera and Smart Home Alarm provide an Smart Alarm System with Camera that protects your home and is capable to react in case of a break-in. You can also select a specific Sensor to trigger an Alarm in the event of a break-in attempt.

*Alarm and Sensors function only with Netatmo Smart Home Camera. Maximum of 1 Alarm and 12 Sensors per Camera.